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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
than ever. As he was marching up to one of the forts, all his men deserted him; his lieutenant advised him to retire ; he replied, ' He never had turned his back yet, and would not now,' and stood all the fire. When the pelicans were flying over his head, he cried out, ' "What would Chloe4 give for some of these to make a pelican pie!' When he is brave enough to perform such actions really as are almost incredible, what pity it is that he should for ever persist in saying things that are totally so!
Lord AnnandaleB is at last mad in all the forms: he has long been an out-pensioner of Bedlam College. Lord and Lady Talbot6 are parted; he gives her three thousand pounds a year. Is it not amazing, that in England people will not find out that they can live separate without parting ? The Duke of Beaufort7 says, ' He pities Lord Talbot to have met with two such tempers as their two wives8!'
Sir Eobert EichD is going to Flanders, to try to make up an affair for his son10; who, having quarrelled with a Captain Vane, as the commanding officer was trying to make it up at the head of the regiment, Eich came behind Vane, ' And to show you,' said he, 'that I will not make it up, take that,' and gave him a box on the ear. They were immediately put in arrest; but the learned in the laws of honour say, they must fight, for no German officer will serve with Vane, till he has had satisfaction,
* The Duke of Newcastle's French cook. Walpole.
8 George Johnstone (1720-1792), third Marquis of Annandale, to whom David Hume was companion from 1745 to 1746. He was declared a lunatic in 1748.
6  Mary  de  Cardonnel   (d.   1787), daughter and heir of Adam de Cardonnel, Secretary at War; m. (1734) William Talbot, second Baron, afterwards Earl, Talbot.
7   Henry     Somerset - Scudamore
(1708-1745), third Duke of Beaufort.
8  See note 16 on letter to Mann of June 10, 1742.
9  Field Marshal Sir Robert Rich (1685-1768), fourth Baronet, of Roos Hall,  Suffolk;  Colonel of the 4th Dragoons;     Governor   of   Chelsea Hospital.
™ Robert Rich (1714-1785), afterwards fifth Baronet; Governor of Londonderry and Culm ore Fort, 1756; Lieutenant-General, 1760.